Designed with a focus on pedestrian connectivity, Encanto is a walkable residential neighborhood full of visual interest and charm. At the center of the design concept is the idea that clusters of smaller neighborhoods can connect together to form a larger community anchored by a central community element. Here, clusters of 8 homes are linked together by landscaped pedestrian paseos. Front doors orient towards each other and then flow to the street, encouraging neighbors to interact. A large central paseo leads to the heart of community interaction, the elegant clubhouse and pool. Landscape and architectural details enhance the created pedestrian experience, consciously avoiding the monotony of a post World War II tract. The extensive use of one-story architectural elements, which allows the rich overhang details to be better experienced, and a strong street tree program provide a human-scale to the streetscape. Authentic materials in varying textures, including brick front porches, specialty terra cotta tile paving, hand painted address tiles, colorful fabric awnings and sophisticated iron work, add visual interest and charm. It is this refined level of detailing that makes this neighborhood such a special place to call home.

Encanto was honored with a 2009 Gold Nugget Award of Merit for “Outstanding Neighborhood Site Plan up to 20 Acres” and a 2007 Gold Nugget Award of Merit for “Best Single-Family Detached Home under 1,700 sq. ft. on a Compact Lot."