The Thrash House


Historic Restoration

Built in 1902 by Peter Rasmussen, Sarah Winchester’s lead carpenter, The Thrash House, also referred to as “The Rasmussen House” is a work of art and a true historic treasure that was left in disrepair when Robson Homes purchased the home and surrounding property for its Bluebird Lane development. At that time, the home was partially fire damaged and boarded up, barely a shadow of its former self. The home is reminiscent of a beautiful era when mansions lined the boulevard into town, and a spectacular example of early 20th-century neoclassical architecture. It is listed in the towns’ historic resources inventory, celebrated for its eclectic blend of hand hewn craftsman details and classic carvings.

Robson Homes meticulously restored and impeccably updated the custom home, encapsulating timeless charm and historic character while showcasing the best of today’s premium home design. Marked by flanking 100-year-old Canary Island date palms planted by the original owners, the estate is once again one of Los Gatos’ most iconic residences.

The restored “Thrash House” was honored with Grand Awards for “Best Custom Home” and “Best Kitchen Design,” as well as an Award of Merit for “Best Renovated or Restored Single House,” at the 2011 Pacific Coast Builders Conference.